Sofa Production


petiture is a statement for people who adore dogs and cats but also have a sense of modern design. The covering of this special furniture is made of “Uranus” artificial leather which is available in white, crème and chestnut – other colours on demand. For the velvet cushions you can choose between an elegant fawn and earthy tones but it is also available in orange, fresh turquoise, bright fuchsia, verdancy or in an intensive violet. It is also possible to ask for your individual colour. Every season the colours are changing and this will transform this furniture to a real attraction in your home.

Sofasets starting € 1.350,- Cushions starting € 299,-

Premium Materials

Only the best quality of materials have been the argument for our assortment. Solid-wood for the feet, backrest and plate, durable faux-leather for the surface and a cosy velvet-cushion consisting of several layers (cotton-velvet, padding, horsehair-fabric, cotton-twill) edged by a silk ribbon.

This special “Uranus-faux-leather” with a special tricot fabric is resistant against urine and disinfectant. It is also resistant against heat and cold, is inflammable according to DIN EN1021 and resistant against UV-radiation and salt water. It is free from poisonous or toxic substance and achieves with a value of 100.000 Martindale an excellent firmness against rub off and has also a DIN conform biocompatibility. The material has ECO- Tex Standard 100-1st class Certification.

The decision for velvet was made despite its sensitivity but the argument has been the smoothness, elegancy and the excellent quality of this material.

Small faults in the production and deviations in the colours are the proof of handmade quality. Traces of scratches in leather and velvet in the sofa gives an individual character and this is the proof of the wellbeing of your pet.

Multiple layers in the velvet-cushion are preventing from loss of shape and building of wrinkles.


To make your pet happy and to meet your requirements in your home petiture is available in three sizes.
For middle sized dogs we recommend size “L”. This size is convenient for dogs like “Schnauzer”, Pinscher but also the Beagle. For small dogs who like to have their tolls beside them or if two dogs have to share one sofa the big size is recommended as well.

Size “M" is suitable for dogs like “Jack Russell”, “Cocker Spaniel” and “Spitz”. But not only dogs will enjoy this type of sofa but also bigger cats.

The small sofa “S” will be perfect for small dogs like Chihuahua or Yorkshire-Terrier.

  • L – weight: 9,96 kg, measurements: ca. 110x68x35 cm,
    for middle sized dogs (e.g: Beagle, Spaniel), height at withers: to 50 cm.
  • M – weight: 7,14 kg, measurements: ca. 90x56x30 cm,
    for big cats and small/middle sized dogs (e.g.: Jack Russell), height at withers: to 30 cm.
  • S – weight: 4,92 kg, measurements: ca. 66x56x30 cm
    for cats and very small dogs (e.g.: Chihuahua), height at withers: up to 30 cm.

Made In Austria

petiture is the solution for cat and dog owners who have an eye for detail and design Each sofa is handcrafted by local producers.

It took three years with the utmost care to design and develop this piece of furniture. The most important design aspects are easy assembling and cleaning. “Great commitment, accuracy and lots of love are given into every piece of furniture. I'm thankful to have such a magnificent production team and network which makes it even possible to reach this high quality” so the founder Ursula Knappl.

Assembling, Cleaning and Maintenance

petiture is very easy to assemble. The velvet cushion is equipped with eyelets which will be fixed when attaching the backrest on sofa and by screwing the three feet together. No shift – no crumple!

Feel free to change the cushion colour within a minute and give your room a new fresh style. Cleaning the sofa is very easy. Just remove the backrest and the velvet cushion and wipe clean the pet hair and spots with a damp duster. Use specific oils meant for synthetic leather care. Possible hollows on the surface of the leather can be easily blown away by hair dryer.

download the manual as PDF